WinSCP – GUI interface SSH transfer files alternative of Putty

Posted by Shek on March 24, 2011 under Linux, Misc | Be the First to Comment

If you are not too familiar with Unix or Linux command and need to use SSH to transfer file betwen the server, instead of using putty (command base), WinSCP is good solution for you. The program is GUI based, and just drag and drop files between the server and client when needed.

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Setup SSH (OpenSSH) server for windows XP

Posted by Shek on August 7, 2010 under Misc | Be the First to Comment

Editor’s note: SSH provides a secure way to transfer data through the web and therefore I have decided to install a SSH server for my windows machine recently. I found a package OpenSSH which really easy to install and I record the steps of the installation here. The system I am using is Windows XP.
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