Display all field (column) names of a table in MySQL database

Posted by Shek on November 23, 2008 under PHP | Be the First to Comment

Editor’s note: I mentioned in my previous post Display data from MySQL with PHP which I demonstrated how to display the data of a row within a table, now I want to demonstrate how to display all field names (column names) of a table within a MySQL database.
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Copy one table’s field records into another table’s field in MySQL database with PHP

Posted by Shek on May 22, 2008 under PHP | Read the First Comment

Editor’s note: In some cases such as a login system or other company’s stock count system which the records in the MySQL database might need to update very frequently. There might be a need to create another tables to backup monthly of the data to another table in the MySQL database. It is a good idea to copy one table’s field records to another table’s field.
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Get MySQL database records as HTML form text field’s value

Posted by Shek on May 19, 2008 under PHP | Be the First to Comment

In my past post on explaining how to set the default values of the text field. Now to use the same concept, we could get the records from the MySQL database and place it into the text field as default text. Here I have created an example to show you how to do so. Read more of this article »