Using HTTP Request variables instead of HTTP GET and Post variables

Posted by Shek on March 10, 2011 under PHP | Be the First to Comment | Total View: 3,701 views

In this post, I would like write a little note on using
$_REQUEST instead of $_GET or $_POST
in the future of my programming for most of the cases.

In cases such as fetching data from HTML form:

Instead of:

$name = $_POST["name"];
$age = $_POST["age"];
$name = $_GET["name"];
$age = $_GET["age"];

I will use:

$name = $_REQUEST["name"];
$age = $_REQUEST["age"];

I found that it is a good habit to unify and simplify the way I program, and would like o recommend to my readers.

If you have other ideas to unify and simplify in PHP programming, please do share in the comment section below with me.

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