Adminer – an alternative mysql database management tool to phpMyAdmin

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If you are a PHP programmer, phpMyAdmin should be a familiar tool for you. But to deploy phpMyAdmin takes a lot of steps and setting. Therefore I recommend Adminer as an alternative to phpMyAdmin.


Screenshot from on 03/04/2011

In my experience, Adminer has several advantages:

  1. It consists of only 1 php file for the entire application, just upload into the web server and it is ready to deploy.
  2. Zero configuration, unlike phpMyAdmin which needs to fill in all the details into the configuration file.
  3. Simple user friendly interface, experienced phpMyAdmin users should have no problem in using it.

The installation steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the Adminer from the official site, as you can see, it has only 1 single PHP file.
  2. Upload the php file into the web server and run the file.


I am not going into details of each operation of Adminer because it is so similar to phpMyAdmin.

Extra security I recommend when using the Adminer:

  1. Use htaccess password protection to protect the Adminer file against hacker.
  2. Use https on the file.
  3. because it consist of only a small file, it is better to delete it from the web server once finished working and upload it back when needed.


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