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Recently, I have discovered that WordPress has introduced mobile version for iOS, windows phone 7, android, blackberry and nokia. Being an android and iPad users, I have downloaded both version and installed into corresponding machine. The outcome is amazing.

The mobile versions allows the user to login their existing WordPress blog and do alteration.

For WordPress for android:

I have taken a screenshot from my samsung galaxy i9000 with the wordpress for android:

There are 4 main functions:

  2. Post
  3. Page
  4. Stats

I am mainly focusing on the post function which I could write new posts during my subway trip to my office. The best thing about this app is which the posts could save as draft locally on the mobile before upload the final version onto the web server.

However I have found the screen is too small and with the keyboard occupying half of the screen, I hardly could review my post. I prefer to use it to draft idea, edit or delete post.

And WordPress for Ipad version:

I love the Ipad version as the screen is big with the on-screen keyboard, a prefect match for creating post. However I still find that difficult to insert photos into the posts.

Overall, for post with media, I would still use the web version for the finial touch up. But for post with plain text, I wouldn’t mind the mobile versions.


WordPress for Android:

  1. Can work with mobile phone which allows user to work with their blog anywhere, anytime.
  2. Allow to save post locally, before uploading to the web server.
  3. Easy to use, functions represent on the interface is straight forward.


  1. Small screen with the mobile phone, hard to do a finial touch up on the posts.

WordPress for Ipad:


  1. Allow to save post locally, before uploading to the web server.
  2. Big screen and keyboard, give a friendly envirnoment to create new posts.


  1. Insert photo, need to syn all photos with itune first before creating the post.


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