Resize photos for email with FastStone Photo Resizer

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Editor’s note: Some email clients and webmails do not support sending large attachments, and therefore to be able to send many photos to friends, we have to resize them first before sending. Here I recommend a software called “FastStone Photo Resizer”.

The steps to resize photos are:

  1. Download “FastStone Photo Resizer” from the official site (choose the exe file for windows).
  2. After Downloaded, double click on the icon to start the installation, follow the steps to complete the installation.
  3. After the installation completed, run the program:
  4. You will then see the “FastStone Photo Resizer” interface:
  5. Choose the photo or photos you want to resize from the left screen windows and click “add” to place them into the resize window (the right side).
  6. After successfully added into the resize windows on the right, choose the output format (JPG for example).
  7. Choose the destination folder (where the resized photos will be placed) by clicking on the “Browse” button.
  8. After steps 6 and 7 are done, check the option “Use Advanced Options ( Resize … )” and the “Advanced Options” button should appear at the right of it, click that button, and you will see the “Advanced Options” interface:
  9. Check the “Resize” option, then choose “In Percentage” and put “50” into the “percentage” box, click the “OK” button at the bottom right  corner after, and that should be back to the main interface.
  10. Click the “Convert” button to start the conversion.
  11. After the process is done, check the destination folder, and there you go, the photos are ready for email.

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  • Albert Chen said,

    Thank you for this tutorial, it is most helpful. I am now able to downsize the photos from several MB (each photo) to a few hundred KB, so that many photos can now be sent in one e mail.

    Two queries: (1) The Resize option used is 50%, so why is the resizing so effective as to reduce the size to about 10% of the original size? (2) After I have used the Resizer once, when I open it again, the photos which I resized last time still appears on the left hand side of the screen. And when I try to delete them from the screen, they become deleted from the original folder in my computer as well.

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