Import address book contacts from excel to outlook express

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To add a new contact into outlook express is easy,  but in cases where there are many contacts needed to add into the outlook express,then we have to use Excel. And here is the way to do it.

  1. Open the excel file of the contacts: the file should contain columns of names and email addresses, remember to have the first row with the “type name” of each column: for example if the first column contains all names then the first row of the first column is “name”.
  2. Go to “save as” and save the file as “CSV”:
  3. Now you have the CSV file, open outlook express and click “files” > “Import” > “Other Address Book…”:
  4. Under “Address Book Import Tool”, choose “Text File (Comma Separated Values)” and click “Import”:
  5. Under “CSV Import” Choose the CSV file which contains the contacts and click “Next”:
  6. Now all of the first row (Item type) from each column of the CSV file are listed there, click the “check box” next to it and choose the corresponding field of the address book of the outlook express. Repeat the process for every items.
  7. After all done, the records should now been imported into the address book of Outlook Express.

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  • Albert Chen said,

    Many thanks indeed, this is most useful and helpful!


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