Create PDF from any document with Bullzip PDF Printer

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In this post, I am going to show a really good freeware Bullzip PDF Printer which can practically create PDF from any document.

The Bullzip PDF Printer is from

Bullzip PDF Printer

As its name says, it works like a virtual printer which means that any document can be created into a PDF by printing it out virtually and save as a PDF.

The steps of the installation:

  1. First download the program from the official download site.
  2. Unzip the downloaded, and run the .exe file after unzipped.
  3. Choose the language, and click “next”.
  4. Continue with the installation, check the “Download and install Ghostscript Lite” when it asks.
    Bullzip PDF Printer
  5. Follow the instrtictions, and finsihes the installation.

After the installation, the bullzip PDF printer installed as a printer within the “printers and faxes”:

Bullzip PDF Printer

Here are the steps to create a PDF (A word document is used for this example):

  1. Open the document which you would like to convert into PDF, in this case I use word document as an example.
  2. Go to print and choose “Bullzip PDF Printer” as the printer.
    Bullzip PDF Printer
  3. Click “print”, like printing a document from a normal printer.
  4. After clicking the “print” button, a box will show up and ask for the location where the PDF file is going to save. Click “save” after it’s done:
    Bullzip PDF Printer
  5. A processing icon will show up on the bottom right corner while printing.
    Bullzip PDF Printer
  6. When its done, the PDF file will loads, and the file will be located at the chosen location.

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