ColorCop – a tool to find out the hex color code from the screen

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In this post, I would like to introduce a very useful tool – Color Cop for finding out the hex color code of any point on the screen

I use this tool to detect the hex color code of a particular spot on the screen when I work for my web project.


By knowing the color of one particular spot, I could alter my CSS file with reference with that hex color code.

The step to use it:

  1. Download ColorCop version: 5.4.5(stand alone) from
  2. Unpack the zip file after downloading and run the ColorCop.exe, and the ColorCop interface will show up.
  3. Use the mouse and hold the Eyedropper tool ColorCop and  move it to any point on the screen which you want to find out the hex color code.

This tool is useful as it has stand alone edition (without installation) where I could save it with a USB driver and carry around. It is a tool which a web designer should have.

The official ColorCop Website:

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  • Beatriz said,

    This is an amazing tool!! good job!

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