Redirect Page with HTML meta tag

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We could redirect webpage by using HTML meta tag. The syntax of the meta is:


Attributes of the Meta:

  1. http-equiv=”refresh” : This is to tell the refresh the page.
  2. content=”0; url=” : 2 things within the content attribute:
    • 0 : this mean the page will refresh 0 second after loading, change to other second if needed
    • url=” : This indicates what url will load after refresh

Put the meta in the first line of the head section, here is an example:


Editor’s note: I use this redirect method a lot. Case such as: after creating a new site for the same domain, pages of the old and new site might refer to the same section but their url might not be the same. However for those old users who have bookmarked the old page cannot access the page of the new site and therefore a redirect page with the same url of the old page is needed in the new site

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