Fedora 12 Setup and Configuration of Samba File Server

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In this post, I will show you how to install Samba into Fedora 12

Install Samba

  1. Open the “Terminal Windows” : Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal
  2. Login as root:

    press “Enter” and input the password.

  3. Type in
    #yum install samba

    to install Samba.

Configuration of Samba

  1. Click System -> Administration -> Samba to open the “Samba Server Configuration”:
  2. Fedora 12 Samba Server Configaration

  3. Click Preferences -> Server Setting to open the “Server Settings”.
  4. In “Basic” tag of the  “Server Settings”, input the details of the “Workgroup” and “Description”.
  5. Click on the “Security” tag of the “Server Settings”, Choose:
    • User for “Authentication Mode”
    • Yes for “Encrypt Passwords”
    • No guest account for “Guest Account”
  6. Fedora 12 Samba Configuration Server SettingsFedora 12 Samba Configuration

  7. Now we have to add user to do so, open the “Terminal Windows” : Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal, login as root and run the command below:
    # smbpasswd -a username

    replace username to whatever you like. Press “Enter” and it will ask you to input a password for the user.

  8. Now to add share folder(s), open the “Samba Server Configuration”, and click on the button with the “Plus” sign:
    • Input the share folder location for “Directory”.
    • Input a name for the “Share name”.
    • Tick “Writable” and “Visible”.
  9. For the “Access” tag, choose “Only allow access to specific user” and tick the specific user(s).

    Fedora 12 Samba Share FolderFedora 12 Samba Share Folder Access

  10. Open the Firewall Configuration: Setting -> Administration -> Firewall and open up the ports for Samba:
  11. Fedora 12 Samba Firewall

  12. To make sure Samba is running, open the “Terminal Windows” : Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal, login as root and run the command below:
    # service smb start

Test it with another Windows computer in the same network and WorkGroup

Go to my computer -> My Network Places, if everything goes right, the share folder of the Fedora 12 should appears there.

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    Thank you very much Mr. shek for your help and contribution on how to go about with Linux operating systems. Don't be bored if knock again your door for help.
    God bless You.

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