Fedora 12 Connect to the internet and set the LAN connection active when starts up

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In this post, I am going to show how to setup a connection to the internet after the installation of Fedora 12

To connect to the internet with fedora 12:

  1. Connect the LAN cable into the computer.
  2. Click on “Wire Network Connection” icon at the top right, choose “System eth0” to active the LAN connection:

    Fedora 12 LAN Connection

In Default, the LAN device was deactivated and to active the LAN connection when the computer starts automatically, the steps are:

  1. Click “system” on the top left corner.
  2. In the sub-menu, choose “administration”
  3. Choose “Network”
  4. Fedora 12 Network Setting

  5. A dialog box will prompt for root password, enter the password because root user right is needed to alter the settings.
  6. “Network configuration” box appears:
    Fedora 12 Network Configuration

    Double click on the Device “eth0”:

  7. “Ethernet Device” page appears:
    Fedora 12 Ethernet Device
    Check the “Activate device when computer starts” point.
  8. Save Change and restart the computer.

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