Import Excel, CSV file data into MySQL database table

Posted by Shek on August 20, 2008 under MySQL | 4 Comments to Read

To import Excel data into the MySQL database’s table is easy. All you have to do is to save the Excel file as “CSV” Format, and use phpmyadmin to complete the job for you. Here I have create an example to show you how to do so:

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Install AppServ – A server environment with (the PHP, MySQL and Apache) into Windows

Posted by Shek on June 12, 2008 under MySQL | Be the First to Comment

If you website is not host in home computer but in an external public company and sometimes you might like to test some PHP and MySQL applications, it is not necessary to upload the files there for testing before it actually goes live. We could install a PHP, MySQL and Apache environment in windows for testing. The package is called “AppServ”, and here is how you do it:
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