Thoughts on amazon kindle 3, the advantages and disadvantages

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Recently I have purchased a kindle 3 from which I am very excited about it. Basic on my experience, I would like to share a little thought here.

The first feeling of holding a kindle 3 is that it is very light and fit into one hand very well, the screen size is acceptable.

Although some ebook’s text is small, but it has  the zoom function which solve the issue. It has no touch screen function and therefore to control the device is to use the build in qwerty keyboard, the 5-Way controller and page buttons on the sides.

The most attractive function which comes with kindle 3 is the free 3G connectivity which allows the user to download ebook and to browse the Internet with its build in browser. This is what attracted me for buying one.

I will cover other functionalities in my future posts, but first I would like to share my own opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of kindle 3;

The advantages:

  1. Light weight: Only 8.7 ounces, I feel very comfortable to hold and read all the way from home to work.
  2. Excellent in size: Fit in one hand.
  3. The “ink screen” does not make my eye tired.
  4. Easy page buttons control for turning ebook’s pages.
  5. Free 3G connectivity for web access.
  6. Has WIFI  connectivity build in.
  7. Able to read PDF and easy to transfer documents by using a mini USD cable.
  8. Long life battery.

The disadvantages:

  1. No touch screen,the 5-way controller could not provide a fast navigation.
  2. My kindle 3 crashes sometimes when browsing complex web pages.
  3. No back lit which means I cannot read Ebook in location with zero lighting.
  4. No automatic screen rotation, reading PDF of PowerPoint slides might need to rotate it manually.
  5. It has a slippery back surface, need to be careful of falling when it is placing on an oblique surface.


In my opinion, the kindle 3 is great for reading, however do not treat it as a tablet PC to access all websites.


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