My Top 10 favorite websites and why

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Here are my Top 10 favorite websites:

  1. Facebook
    No doubt that it is on the top of my list, the world’s most famous social networking website.  I spend a large amount of time read and post thoughts there. It is surely a great place for computer geeks like me to have a social platform while working on the computer.
  2. Ebay
    This is a great place for me to sell my unwanted, on the other head I could also buy  things online.  Sometimes I could even find a bargain which is cheaper than I could get from the street. My favourite items to buy through Ebay is telephone accessories, plenty of different choices.
  3. Google
    Of course it is on my top list, not only that I could find things online with the power search engine, I am also an android user and therefore my daily life is linked with google – email , news, calender etc.
  4. Google Translation
    This powerful translation tools makes my life easier on communication with friends all over the world, the speed of the translation is so fast, I have tried other translation sites but they are no where perform near it.
    This place contains different variety of free software to download, some of the freeware has becomes part of my daily operation which is inseparable from my work. Thanks for it to make my life much easier.
    As you can see, most of my websites are build with wordpress CMS engine, wordpress CMS provides an easy and efficient way for me to build websites and blogs.
  7. Engadget
    In order to survive in the I.T. industry, we have to keep up with the current I.T. trends and therefore Engadget provide a good source of information for me to keep track of the current trends.
    Yep, you can tell by the name of it. As a PHP programming, that is where I look for function references to build my work projects and also that is where you can download the actual PHP from.
  9. Twitter
    Another place for me to elaborate ideas, this place is different from facebook as it only allows a certain length of post to be published, and therefore it is more “get to the point”. My twitter account is “pathwisdom”, come and twitter with me sometimes.
    I love this site because it contains all sort of travel location in Hong Kong with details and also it is created by me 🙂 .

Thanks for your time on reading it and please share with me your favorite websites in the comment section below.

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