My Favorite YouTube Entertainment Channels

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In this post, I would like to share my favorite YouTube entertainment channels. Here are a few of them and they are in random orders:

“The Annoying Orange” channel

Basiclly, it is about an orange with a human face who can see, talk,  keep telling jokes and annoy other fruits. You would love him if you see his face, cheer up my day after watching it.

“Nigahiga” Channel

“NigaHiga” a youtube comedy channel by Ryan Higa which contains many different joke movies. I feel that the jokes are interesting because some of them have meaning behind, also it has the most subscription in YouTube. Really worth to watch.

“Peter Chao” channel

“Peter Chao”, the guy always wear a pair of glasses, with a Chinese accent telling jokes in each of his movie. However most of his jokes are quite offensive.

“Freddiew” Channel

“Freddiew Channel” is a channel by Freddy Wong which contains action movies made by computer technoloy, as you can imagine, most of them are full of unrealistic actions, but really really exciting and worth to watch.

How about you? What channel do you watch the most or find it interesting to watch in YouTube? Share with me in the comment section below.

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